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You may (or not) have heard that Pantone has announced 2018’s Color of the Year, a beautiful shade called Ultra Violet.


I personally love all shades of violet and purple – it’s one of my favorite colors (as if you couldn’t tell from my site’s color scheme) – so I was really really excited to see this color as their pick for the color of the year.

Last year, I did a post on how to wear Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, which was Greenery (find the post over here). Today, I’ll be showing you 3 easy ways to wear Ultra Violet.

1. Make a Statement – Go big or go home right? Wear Ultra Violet in all its glory! I chose a beautiful turtleneck top in a bright violet hue, and paired it with neutral colors for the rest of the look. This makes the violet pop, and stand out in the outfit. Those who are more confident with bright colors can even color block with colors like magenta or royal blue. I really think this is a great color to experiment with for color blocking. 

Make a Statement

Fedeli sleeveless turtleneck sweater
18,440 PHP –

Frame velvet jeans
11,750 PHP –

Nasty Gal vegan leather shoes
1,750 PHP –

MANGO pebbled leather purse
2,025 PHP –

Twist jewelry
269,750 PHP –

Charm choker
1,200 PHP –


2. Tone it down – While Ultra Violet isn’t a very loud color, if you still find it too bright or intimating you can always try a softer or darker shade. Below I have two dresses; one in a solid color –  darker shade of violet (though it’s still pretty close to Ultra Violet), and one with a checked pattern in softer shade of violet and white. Darker shades are usually more neutral and less “shocking” to the eye. Meanwhile, patterns make the color more subtle as opposed to a solid shade. I paired both with neutral colors since the dresses make an impact on their own. Both are easy to wear, yet also celebrate the beautiful color they have.

Softer or Darker

Rosetta Getty gingham check dress
27,020 PHP –

Hobbs short sleeve shift dress
9,390 PHP –

Calvin Klein white ankle strap sandals
15,450 PHP –

Christian Louboutin nude patent leather shoes
2,400 PHP –

Chanel iridescent handbag
294,750 PHP –

Michael michael kors purse
19,250 PHP –


3. Make it Subtle – This is a great way to ease into wearing Ultra Violet without changing up your current go-to outfits. Below I have a casual get up with a cold shoulder top, skinny jeans and sneakers. Accessorize the outfit with pieces in the vibrant hue. Your jewelry, bag or even sunglasses would be a great pop of color to your outfit, as well as a simple way to wear the color of the year with clothes you already have in your closet.

Make it Subtle

Long sleeve top
765 PHP –

Pieces ripped skinny jeans
1,770 PHP –

Converse black sneaker
3,010 PHP –

Hermès leather bag
588,735 PHP –

Effy Jewelry amethyst jewelry
18,315 PHP –

Tom Ford jewelry
5,015 PHP –


I hope this was helpful or inspiring for anyone looking to wear this year’s color! Are you planning to wear Ultra Violet? How will you be wearing it? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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