About Me

Hello there! This is Tasha and welcome to my little piece of the interwebz.

Glimmering Shadows is primarily a beauty and fashion blog. Occasionally, I do feature posts on other lifestyle topics like food,  gift ideas, tips and advice, among other things. I started this blog mostly because I wanted to get back into my writing habit, share outfit ideas I come up with and also to share my thoughts on make up. It’s hard to keep track of all the products I try and what I think of them. So while I’m keeping a record of it for myself, I can also share it with my readers 🙂 So you can rest assured that my reviews and posts are 100% my own thoughts, my own opinions.

So, a little about me: I’m a 1990 baby born of Chinese-Filipino-Spanish decent. I love to read, listen to metal music and play video/computer games. Not your classic girly-girl but hey, I never claimed to be anyway.

I love to write. It makes me feel so alive and happy. I am working on world building for my own fantasy series, as well as other short stories on the side.

I’m an avid Fantasy and Science Fiction reader.  A few of my favorite authors include Orson Scott Card and Garth Nix. I also enjoy reading thriller, horror and suspense novels. Gregg Hurwitz and Tess Gerritsen are two of my top picks.

I enjoy playing with makeup, and I have always been fascinated by it. I find it to be an artistic release and is a way for me to express myself physically (aside from through my clothes). It is my firm belief though that makeup is not a necessity to be beautiful, but it can definitely enhance your look and make you look put together (even if you feel like crap and didn’t sleep well).
For reference, my current go to foundation: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Buff.
Truth be told, I am really a shy person and rather anti-social a times (who am I kidding, I’m INTJ) but I do open up and tend to be a talker once I’m comfortable with the person. I’m also the type to can explode into a ramble when feeling strongly about things, so please excuse the ramble-y posts. I am also extremely awkward in real life (No joke guys, I think everyone I know can vouch for that), but I think that contributes to my overall “charm” 😉
Me and my wonderful boyfriend who puts up with my awkwardness 🙂

To contact me, you can visit my contact me page. You can also drop by my personal site at http://www.tamershadow.com/

Thank you for visiting~! <3