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Which is better: Comparing Vaseline vs Nivea Whitening Lotion

Hi Everyone!

Around a month ago, I suddenly noticed how the skin on my arms and legs had become very dry. I also realized that certain parts of my skin were darker than the rest of my body; usually the parts under the sun when I’m riding in a car, like my knees. Now, I haven’t exactly been as religious with my sunblock as I should have (I slowly stopped after college for reasons unknown), but I knew it would take more than just sunblock to get my skin back to what it was. I figured I needed to find one of those whitening lotions.

I cringe inside just typing that; I have haven’t been one to use whitening products. I don’t believe being fair is supposed to make people instantly ‘prettier’ or if those products actually work (those whitening claims can be outrageous!). Regardless, parts of my skin were darker than the rest of me and I needed to even my skin out.
In the department store, these two lotions caught my eye:
L: Nivea White&Repair UV Body Lotion
R: Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Lotion

UV? Check. Whitening? Check. Okay, but which one? I decided to get the smallest size of each and finish one bottle before trying the other to see the effects of both lotions in the long (ish) term. Then I could decide which to continue using.

The first I tried was the Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Lotion. This lightweight lotion was incredibly moisturizing and I noticed that my skin was so much softer and smoother just a few days after using this. It’s a water based solution so it didn’t feel sticky despite the extreme heat and humidity that we’ve been having in the Philippines as of late. I did not notice any drastic change in my skin tone, but I did see a bit of improvement on some dark and uneven areas (like my elbows and some scars). They lightened a bit, but did not disappear completely. This tiny bottle lasted me around a week or so since I used it on both my arms and legs.

Then I tried the Nivea White&Repair UV Body Lotion. This one is also water based and very lightweight – though it border on being a little too watery for my taste. That aside, it wasn’t that bad. In fact, this lotion smells really nice and did keep my skin from being dry and rather scaly (no joke, the skin on my shins were just.. *shudder*). However compared to the Vaseline one,  I didn’t notice any change in my skin tone or dark spots/areas. This bottle (obviously) lasted much longer, maybe around a month or so.

Both lotions were great at their basic function, which is to moisturize. There was significant improvement on the way my skin felt to touch and in my general comfort when wearing clothes – don’t you just hate when your dress sticks to your legs? I liked that both protect against UV rays (or so the bottle indicates), and smelled very nice. 

However, the main reason for me purchasing these lotions was for their whitening claims. Between the two, I think Vaseline is a clear winner and I will be purchasing a bigger size bottle to continue using. 

What do you guys think? What lotion do you use? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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