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Outfit Idea: What to wear if summer weather is moody

Casual Summer Outfit Post

If summer's a little chilly..

Click below for details and my thoughts on this outfit.

The past few weeks have seen pretty erratic weather conditions here in the Philippines. It’s been hot in the morning, then gloomy, windy and/or rainy by the afternoon to evening. Aside from the constant trouble my expected allergic reactions give me (rhinitis and asthma), its always a dilemma to decide what to wear when going out.

The above outfit is my solution for such days, when the sun is out and its hot but you know it will be colder later.

I’ve chosen to wear pants, but these aren’t the usual denim ones you might be thinking. This high waist number is mostly made of cotton and is stretchable. It looks like denim but isn’t as heavy or hot; this will keep you warm on a colder day as compared to shorts or a skirt, and cool on a hotter one as compared to denim.

I’ve chosen a crop top to keep with the summer vibes and summer heat, but also included a jacket you can throw on once it starts to get cold. Depending on your weather conditions (in the Philippines, suede leather might be overkill), you could switch between a cardigan, denim jacket or a leather one like above.

Sneakers are my choice of footwear and are usually something I wear for casual days when I’m out and about. Though I think that wedges would be a good fit for this outfit too, as would sandals if you’re looking for a more “girly” (for lack of a better term), touch to the outfit.

The bag is something I picked to keep the outfit a little more classy than rugged, as I think structured bags really make an outfit more “put together”. Accessorize with a statement necklace to finish it off and you’re ready with a stylish outfit fit for the day’s weather, whether (ahem) it’s a hot or cold summer day.

Details on the clothes used for the look are listed below:

Aéropostale party crop top
235 PHP –

Suede leather jacket
13,525 PHP –

H M blue trousers
1,235 PHP –

Vans laced up shoes
2,450 PHP –

Chloé genuine leather shoulder bag
102,765 PHP –

Lanvin green pendant necklace
107,625 PHP –

What’s summer like where you’re from? Feel free to share in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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