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Product Review: Glamglow Mud Mask Series (Supermud)

Glamglow supermud

Hey Everyone!

This is part four, the finale in my review series on Glamglow mud masks. I’m really grateful that my generous friend Micaela was willing to lend these to me to review. If interested, you can find part one on Thirstymud over here, part two on Gravitymud here an part three on Youthmud over here.

Glamglow mud masks
These are from the Gift Sexy Treatment Set. The set includes: Thirstymud, Gravitymud, Youthmud and Supermud.
Today, I’ll be reviewing Supermud Clearing Treatment.
Glamglow Supermud


What does it do: “Our most advanced clearing treatment developed for men & women to help fight common skin concerns. Visibly see your pore congestion pull-out & encapsulate within the mask. Immediate and amazing results in just one use.”

How much: $69 for 50g or Php 3,300

Instructions: “Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5 – 20 minutes & remove with water.”

Amount: 50g or 1.7 oz for full size; 30g or 1 oz for the size in the photo.

This mask definitely had a minty scent, though more like a mint tea than a toothpaste, and was quite relaxing. It comes in a dark gray color and has a thick consistency that’s easy to apply to the face.

The mask gives off a cooling feeling after application, which reminded me of the Youthmud. It dries to a light gray color with a powdery finish.

Glamglow supermud

Glamglow’s Supermud can be used in two ways, either as a full face mask or a spot treatment. As I has having a bit of a breakout around the time I used this, I was able to try this product out both ways. Spoiler Alert – they work amazing either way.

I’ve tried a number of spot treatments for acne, I even have a post about two of my favorite products here. And while still I swear by those two, I must admit that neither of them provided results as fast as Supermud. I left the mud on for around 20 minutes, and after washing it off I immediately noticed that the bumps I placed the treatment on were a bit smaller and less red. Some were gone by the next day!

As a face mask, Supermud doesn’t disappoint either. I used the mask on another day, all over my face. After I washed it off, I noticed that it left my skin bright and smooth, and my pores were smaller. Not only that, there also seemed to be less whiteheads around my nose area – which surprised me! They weren’t completely gone, but I noticed that there was definitely some improvement in the area. It blew me away! It was then that I decided that clearly, this mask was made of magic and I needed it in my life.

Packaging – 5/5
Price – 4.5/5
Effect – 5/5
Smell – 5/5
Overall – 4.8/5

This mask comes with a lot of claims, but I wasn’t able to see if they held true for all. However, I will say that this product made my skin look amazing. My complexion was great, my pores smaller and whiteheads were lessened. It was better than I had expected and I would recommend everyone to give this a go and see what it does for your skin!

Will I purchase?
Oh yes, definitely. If I only had to get one Glamglow mask, it would definitely be Supermud. It’s pricey for a mud mask, but hey it works! And that makes it worth the money for sure.

What skincare products do you swear by? What do you use for acne? Let me know about it in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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