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Empties 2017: Body Products I’ve used up (Vaseline, The Body Shop and more!)

Hey Everyone! Happy Holidays!!

Today’s post is part 3 of my Empties series, all about body products. I was feeling adventurous with my lotions in the past year and ended up trying a few different ones. I have a little pink theme going on here, as you’ll see 🙂

1. Vaseline Healthy White lotion (UV Lightening) – This is the mini version of the big bottle you see on the left. This lotion is amazing and really does lighten your skin tone with continued use (it lightened my elbows for sure!). It has a fragrance that isn’t too strong and it absorbs pretty well into the skin.

2. Naturals by Watsons Body Scrub (Blood Orange) – I’m not sure what compelled me to pick this up since I don’t like orange scents. To add to that, I didn’t like this scrub very much since it wasn’t as scrubby as I would have liked. I noticed that it was pretty moisturizing and made my skin smooth, but remember I bought this to exfoliate my skin and not moisturize it! I wanted more scrubby things in it.

3. Vaseline Healthy White Lotion (Instant Fair) – I picked this up thinking it would also be amazing since I liked the other lotion. I was disappointed, it did not make my skin tone truly lighter – instantly or with continued use. What this did, if I remember correctly, was put reflective particles on my skin when applied, so that it appeared that my skin was lighter and more glowy, even if it really wasn’t. As a lotion, it’s great but for the claims, I wasn’t impressed.

4. Nivea UV Body Lotion (White & Repair) – This one is definitely better than the Instant Fair one by Vaseline, but not as good as the UV lightening one by Vaseline. I’ve talked about this here. Still, this was a decent lotion that still did give results and moisturized the skin pretty well. I also liked the scent of this a lot.

5. Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash (Strawberry) – I absolutely love love love strawberry anything. This one smells just like a strawberry milkshake. It lathers really well and lasts for ages since you don’t need to use a lot. This was a very fun body wash.

6. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Ximenia & Salt Scrub – This is an AMAZING body scrub. The best one I’ve ever tried and the standard to which I hold all other body scrubs. This exfoliated my skin really well and left my skin very smooth. It smelled like a spa and felt luxurious to use. Body Shop body scrubs are pretty pricey but considering all the other cheap scrubs I’ve tried, splurging on this one if you can will be worth it. I have yet to find another scrub that comes close.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favorite body products? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned to the final part of this series!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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